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Mr. KEY the PROPHET started his rap career in 1990 with a group called S.N.O.P. (Some Nuts Outtha Projects). Their first release, "Life Style’s of the Poor and Starv’n" came out in 1992, followed by a second release, "Nuttin All over Your Face," in 1994.

Mr. KEY the PROPHET released his first solo CD, "Me and My Crazy World," in 2003. During the making of this CD (see Testimony), Mr. KEY began to feel GOD was calling him to the ministry. He couldn’t understand why GOD wanted him since he was heavily involved in hardcore rap, drinking, and getting high. But this calling became clear in June 2003 after Mr. KEY almost died from complications of sickle cell disease. While recovering from surgery, Mr. KEY finally said “Yes” to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Soon after, Mr. KEY moved back to West Oakland, CA, where he grew up. Since then, he has seen too many friends and family members being gunned down and losing their lives to violence in the streets. GOD has called Mr. KEY the PROPHET to pick up the microphone and take the Gospel to the streets. His mission is to use hip hop as an instrument to STOP THE VIOLENCE. So with a new vision and mission in life, Mr. KEY the PROPHET is releasing his first Gospel CD, "GETO GOSPO."

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